Wil White

A member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe—he grew up on the rural plains and badlands of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota. A creative by design, he is an avid lover of film, photography and performing arts. Since the age of 12, Wil has aspired to be a director of film. This aspiration lead to his love of photography and ultimately his love for shooting his own films. Wil is moved to create opportunity where it does not exist. As a result, he has co-founded a production company and helped develop a film festival on his home Reservation. 

His work includes: film directing & production, producing, cinematography, portrait & commercial photography, still photography for film & the performing arts, creative & art direction, digital media design, social media marketing & implementation, crowd-fundraising campaign development & strategy, mentorship and advocacy. 

Wil is also an actor—with some musical & dance training.


Sundance Institute, Native Filmmakers Lab Fellowship (2016)





Indigene Entertainment, LLC

Indigenous Film Festival