The People - Short Film

Set in a dystopia 71 years into the future, Native lands and rights are gone. Left in waste, Reservations become encampments and are heavily guarded by private military security. Poverty and oppression lay ruin to every Native tribal nation within the former U.S. The cause: an insurgency led by an indigenous human rights group called, The People, against the forced construction of a massive oil pipeline through Native territory in the year 2051. This insurgency was the beginning to the Second American Civil War and an end to democracy. Eight years of fighting, a new system is born: Oppress the insurgent, contain the problem, use fear to foster obedience.

This is the world Itancan is born into and he will do anything to escape it.



The People is a short film project based in the dystopian genre. It conceptualizes a future reality in which Indigenous peoples face oppression, forced assimilation, and loss of cultural identity & language. This hardship is the result of the indigenous fight against the destruction of the land and its life-giving resources. 

The original project focuses on developing this story into a commercial feature film. 

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Development & Production

The short film project took two years of development and fundraising before production began on October 3, 2014. Originally a five-day shoot, the project was filmed in three and a half days on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The first edit took a few months to complete. After initially screening at Universities and film festivals, the project is currently undergoing a re-edit to help further the development of the feature film.


Willi White

Angel White Eyes & Willi White

Marcus Bear Eagle
Bert Malcom
Nicolette Weston
Marcus Ruff
Albert Two Bears III
and Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford


On the Edge - featured song

This song was written for the short by actor/musician Bert Malcom. It holds a special place in all of our hearts and this video came along naturally as part of the marketing packaging for The People.