Video: Docu-films

For the past few years I’ve worked with non-profits based on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The following videos are some of the pieces I’ve produced with each organization.

Thunder Valley CDC is one of my favorite organizations one Pine Ridge. Its creating actual systems change everyday and regenerating our Lakota way of life through strategic initiatives that interconnect and intersect in an ecosystem of opportunity. The following videos were produce for campaign around Homeownership and the real lives impacted by the opportunity of owning a home. I’m humbled to be part of an organization empowering our people everyday.

Making Homeownership Possible


Executive Produced by Thunder Valley CDC
Produced & Edited by: Willi White
Additional photography & Drone work by: Arlo Iron Cloud

The following video showcases some of the students and alumni of Red Cloud School whose vision of the future is empowering. These videos are geared toward uplifting some of the work Red Cloud School is doing as an educational institution on Pine Ridge, but intentionally, they’re about these young people and their stories of resiliency.

I’m not a fan of content that exploits peoples struggles, and I work hard toward redefining and reclaiming these narratives. Some of these videos walk that fine line, but what struck me most about my work and time at Red Cloud, was not the institution and the systems in which it operates, but the students and people who were actively reclaiming their identities and creating systemic change.